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ACORN statement in support of the Kurdish people

October 2019

The campaigning union ACORN has has issued a statement of support of the Kurdish people and the Rojava Revolution in Syria, currently under attack by the Turkish army after Donald Trump’s sudden withdrawal announcement. Turkey is the second largest force in NATO and is equipped with high tech weaponry, much of it supplied from Britain. The invasion is a violation of international law, which will lead to the resurgence of ISIS, human rights violations, and ethnic cleansing.

The people of Rojava, who fought and defeated ISIS on the Turkey/Syria border, have called for international solidarity. In the chaos of civil war, they have started one of the most radically progressive societies on the planet, a "stateless democracy" based on feminism, direct democracy and ecological values. It draws on the writings of "Apo" (Uncle) Abdullah Öcalan, the Kurdish freedom fighter turned author, captured by Turkey (with CIA help) and now imprisoned for life.

ACORN is founded on the principles of mutual aid, solidarity and democracy, to fight alongside brothers and sisters around the globe for the democratic, free and decent life to which we are all entitled. Kurdish members from Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester wrote: “We are passionate ACORN members and have been present on picket lines, branch meetings, member defence cases and have been generally building the union in our respective cities. Turkey is threatening to commit genocide in Rojava and we ask that our union supports the people of Rojava as the Kurdish community has supported ACORN here. There have been several civilian deaths so far and we’re worried about our friends and family members in the area.”

ACORN stands with any members who are threatened or attacked, and these same principles lead to support for the people of Rojava. Many demonstrations up and down the UK will be held as the international backlash grows against the genocide. "This is our moral obligation. This is our internationalist duty. This is solidarity", said Nick Ballard, National Organiser.

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