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XR Sheffield - What next?

Sheaf Valley Park (amphitheatre behind the train station)
Extinction Rebellion’s Main Monday meeting will be asking: What next? And welcoming new rebels. Meeting starts at 6.30pm, bring your own picnic from 6pm. Feeling fired up by rebellion? Come along for a discussion about where to take XR Sheffield next and what we can do. There will also be a chance for new members to get to know the…
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AntiUni 2021

Online and in London
Antiuniversity 2021 is now open and running until 10th September, with Anarchist Bookfair in London on the 11th and 12th of September. The Antiuniversity is an ongoing programme of self-organised radical learning and mutual education events. It is a collaborative experiment to challenge academic and class hierarchy – in, outside and against existing institutional structures. There are over 90 virtual…
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Protest against Israel demolishing Palestinian homes

Outside Sheffield Town Hall
Protest against Israel demolishing Palestinians homes, and building apartheid. Caterpillar and JCB both supply the bulldozers that Israel uses to demolish Palestinian homes, schools, water pipes and olive trees. This is part of a deliberate Israeli policy to evict, by force, Palestinians from their land, violating international law. Caterpillar and JCB also provide equipment to construct illegal settlements on Palestinian…
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XR Impossible Rebellion

World leaders aren’t coming to save us It’s Summer 2021. Floods, fires, famine and droughts are happening everywhere we look – from China and Germany, to North America, Madagascar, and India. We’re at breaking point, and world leaders aren’t coming to save us. The change we need will only come from ordinary people – lots of us – taking action.…
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Local Government in England - 40 Years of Decline

Online Zoom
The launch of a report on forty years of “centralisation on steroids”, the reduction in the power and autonomy of local government, leaving the UK as one of the most centralised countries in the world. This event is organised by Unlock Democracy, as a cross-party campaign, aimed at reversing the centralisation. Their report ‘Local Government in England – 40 Years…
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