ACORN Sheffield - Union for the community meeting

Date, Time & Location Wed 8 Jan 2020, 7pm, Union St. co-working space, 18-22 Union St. S1 2JP
Details Angry about the election result? Ready to build power in the community to resist Tory rule? Campaigning group ACORN has a proven track record of winning victories for working people - successfully taking on international banks, slum landlords, and the government, using direct action, working class organisation, and solidarity. The day after the General Election, ACORN gained 100+ new members, and membership has been rising steadily since then. Come along to this meeting to find out how to get involved and to plan work for the coming year. An introduction to ACORN for new members and those getting active for the first time. Ongoing campaign discussion on Sheffield citywide landlord licensing. Take Back Our Buses campaign to take buses back under public control in South Yorkshire. Note this event is members-only. Please join online at or on the door. ACORN relies on member dues to function, asking one hour’s wages a month, or £3 unwaged. Facebook event page