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Zimbabwean asylum protest against Home Office

Mon 10 Dec 2018, 11am, Vulcan House Home Office building, 6 Millsands, S3 8NU

Zimbabwean people in South Yorkshire, with South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG), have organised a protest on UN Human Rights Day. It was triggered by the Home Office summoning Zimbabweans asylum seekers for questioning at Vulcan House, apparently part of a "redocumentation" process to make deportation to Zimbabwe possible. (This has happened at other Home Office buildings in the UK). This questioning was in the presence of representatives of the Zimbabwean government, without a Home Office representative present. Asylum seekers from government violence in any country fear recriminations, spying on them, and even the possibility of violence. The experience was therefore very distressing. They were called to answer detailed and personal questions from an Zimbabwean Embassy official. One woman said she felt "treated like an animal", and the experience upset and angered all of those subjected to this treatment. Another Zimbabwean refugee said: "Why is the Home Office giving this person my file? How do I know my family is safe now in Zimbabwe?"Zimbabwe is still not safe, and no deportations or intimidation are justified. The UK government has had an uncritical relationship with the new Zimbabwean government of Emmerson Mnangagwa, and has discussed possible deportation of 2500 Zimbabwean refugees from the UK. Please join the protest at Vulcan House, or at a pre-meeting at The Sanctuary, Chapel Walk from 10am to make placards and plan.Full details on the SYMAAG website

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