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Block Around The Clock: Mass Camp and Blockade

Wed 27 Jun - Sun 1 Jul 2018, Maple Farm, Preston New Road, Lancashire FY4 5RN

An event in Lancashire to follow Friday's "Wheelies for Water" mass bike ride against the fracking industry, which is on the ropes. Two water treatment plants in Sheffield are now licensed to receive toxic water from "unconventional oil and gas extraction processes" (i.e. fracking). These licenses have been issued for much of the north of England. Fracking uses and contaminates water at a rate of 8 wells per sq mile (data from, just to extract the last remains of our planet's fossil fuels regardless of toxic sediment, air, soil and water pollution, climate targets, and the dangerous rising power and wealth accumulated in the hands of unaccountable corporations. Reclaim the Power was formed with various groups* to challenge the current undemocratic, unjust and unsustainable system, and to build a new movement for positive change. The UK is one of the dirtiest countries on the planet – we need to reduce our carbon emissions massively, in the next decade, if we are to stop climate change. There's also the disaster in the economy, intensified since 2007 and seemingly never ending. In Britain, the welfare system, and all of "civil society" including the useful bits of the Civil Service have experienced savage cuts. People suffer poverty, homelessness and breakdown of the whole social fabric. In fact it's worsening for all countries. Wars, collapses and revolutions are common now. We feel the pain of people starving, while an elite 1% gets even richer. We, as people who live on this planet, can't let this happen. You're invited to grab your friends, your dancing shoes and a helping of defiance and rock on down to Lancashire for a people-powered 'Block Around the Clock'. The local community and protectors have been holding the frontline at Preston New Road, a 'flagship' fracking site, since January 2017.Time and again, local communities have shown the fossil fuel industry it has no social licence to frack in the UK. But Westminster won't listen and, the government are continuing their plan to force this dirty drilling on communities. For 48 hours come and help holding the frontline against fracking, in hundreds and thousands, with your bodies, love, creativity, talents, skills, energy and resolve, to send a clear message to the frackers they are not welcome – not there, not anywhere. Because we need a clean fair future powered by renewables. Everyone is welcome, especially if you've never been involved in anything like this before. The camp will provide food, friends to be made and a whole programme of trainings, workshops, talks and events to get informed, engaged and skilled up to take on the fossil fuel industry. In short, everything you need to be part of stopping fracking and enjoy yourself at the same time! If you can't stay to camp, call in for a day visit. A mass get-together like this welcomes new people and builds connections and skills that will support the resistance into the next phase. Wed 27th June, from lunchtime is an afternoon of workshops, welcomes and action training.Followed by two days of mass blockade and action camp with workshops, talks, food etc.Saturday 30th June will feature a Blackpool Seafront Solidarity Demo, talks and workshops, and a party.Sunday 1st July is a day for the debrief, next steps discussions, and packing up (until next time).The full programme is available online, and the website links include in a transport guide from all across the UK. (Email if you need any help with organising transport.) Good options: Megabus to Preston or Blackpool, or train to nearest station: Kirkham/Wesham. If you bring your bike, it's a 15 minute cycle from train station to Maple Farm, or get a local bus No. 61 which takes you to Maple Farm Community Hub (take the bus in the direction of Blackpool or Preston depending on which location you're coming from). Get off at the stop 'Maple Farm' which is directly outside the camp. Costs £3.60 one way, £4 all day pass. If you are unable to take the bus, by arrangement someone should be able to pick you up at Kirkham or Wesham train station. Cars/vans should go into Maple Farm courtyard, there is limited parking but check-in at the Welcome Area and you will be guided to the best place to park. Please do not use Lytham Windows customer parking, and don't pull up outside the fracking site. When you arrive at the 'Action Camp' (it's 10 minutes walk from the fracking site, on land kindly offered by a member of the local campaign) please head to the info tent/stall. Reclaim the Power is an anti-hierarchical grassroots network, where no-one is paid or 'in charge', but they do get organised. If you're staying, please sign up to do what you can – ideally commit to at least 2 shifts over the 48 hours. The Action Camp provides the physical base (food, camping etc.) and involves everything from chopping vegetables to welcoming new people. The website (below) has FAQs with details about the Welcome Team, Wellbeing Team, Support and Recovery Team (clearly visible in pink high viz jackets), sessions in the programme, children, access needs, camping, hygiene, washing, dietary requirements (it's vegan food - good for the environment, accessible to most, suggested donations from £2 per meal, pay what you can afford), and information on legalities, conflicts, etc. They ask for a donation of £20 (or more if you can afford it) from each person, based on ability to pay. * People & Planet, Time To Cycle, Fuel Poverty Action, Disabled People Against The Cuts, etc.Reclaim The Power

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