How Debt Damages Democracy

Date, Time & Location Mon 26 Feb 2018, 7:30pm Quaker Meeting House
Details Dr Gerry Penny is the speaker at the first Positive Money talk of 2018, looking at: * How money is created - The two actual magic money trees - The privatisation of money * Major faults in the economy and the 2007/8 crisis - Where the banks went wrong - Why the banks had to be rescued - Errors in the rescue process * The consequences of how our money is created - Powerless government - Austerity and economic inequality - Global environmental degradation * The Solution - The Positive Money Campaign Gerry lectured in Chemistry at Sheffield Hallam University until retirement. His interest in our subject was fired by learning of the Positive Money campaign and attending a course ‘7 Economic Myths’ run by the Quakers. This led him to investigate why economics, important as it affects all our lives, is made to seem so complicated when it should be only arithmetic. All welcome - voluntary donation towards room hire costs etc.