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The Big Ride for Palestine comes to Sheffield!

Sun 6 Aug 2017, 5pm

An annual three-day bike ride as a rolling protest in solidarity with Palestine. This year it crosses the north of England, from Liverpool, ending at Sheffield with a rally and reception on Sunday 6 August. It aims to raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinians, particularly in Gaza, and to raise money for sports equipment for children there, to help with rehabilitation following the trauma of the 2014 bombardment. This year The Big Ride marks the third anniversary of Israel's 2014 bombardment of Gaza which killed 2,205 Palestinians, including 547 children, and 10 years of the illegal siege of Gaza. It's also the 50th anniversary of Israel's military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (the Occupied Palestinian Territories) when 300,000 Palestinians were made refugees and their villages ethnically cleansed. The first Big Ride in 2015 was on the first anniversary of the bombardment of Gaza. It combined a love of cycling with support for the Palestinian people, riding from Edinburgh to London over nine days. It raised over £65,000 for projects to help children recover from the loss and trauma they suffered. In 2016 the ride converged on Birmingham for a community festival followed by a mass ride to Shenstone to successfully blockade the UAV factory in protest at its selling drones to Israel. With a pro-Israel President in the White House supporting a dangerous right wing Zionist Government hell-bent on expanding illegal settlements, building the international support for peace and justice in Palestine is more vital than ever. The international Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli apartheid is going from strength to strength. If you want to help, there are roles for non-cyclists AND cyclists (cycle as little or as much as you want, there are two harder uphill sections). Please email with your contact number. Organisers also welcome poets, singers, rappers and other performers willing to perform and protest at the rallies along the way. Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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