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Eviction resistance!

Thu 27 Jul 2017, 6pm onwards

Help stop a family becoming homeless. For years a Sheffield family have asked for repairs and have got nothing back except bullying and harassment from the landlord. Now they have been given 4 weeks notice to vacate, which will leave them on the street. Why? Because rather than fixing the place up for the family, the landlord wants to get richer tenants in. But when the landlord comes knocking on July 27th he'll face the full force of ACORN and a mobilised community coming to the family's defence. ACORN have done it in other towns, now it's Sheffield's turn. Not only will the action help stop a family from becoming homeless, it will send a message to rogue landlords in Sheffield that they have a union to contend with. Help to organise: they are recruiting members to an eviction resistance committee to plan action. Sign-up here. More info on location and action nearer the time. Hosted by ACORN Sheffield - Renters' Union and anti-poverty organising. The system is rigged in the favour of the few with money and influence. We have to take action. Facebook event page

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