Sheffield Against Fracking meeting

Date, Time & Location Tue 6 Jun 2017, 7.30pm, Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk St. S1 2JB
Details Fracking is a nightmare, causing toxic and radioactive water contamination, severe air pollution and adding to climate change. Tens of thousands of wells, pipelines and compressor stations are planned to devastate our countryside and blight communities. Sheffield Against Fracking meets on the first Tuesday of each month, a chance to share news, research and ideas, to plan events, campaigns and actions, support each other and also have a laugh! They are just individuals coming together to make a difference. Whether you are already involved in the movement against fracking or you have only just found out what fracking is, you are welcome here. Please join in to find out more, or help stop fracking happening in Sheffield, Yorkshire or anywhere. Sheffield Against Fracking