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Reforming our Money System – How Positive Money is driving the debate

Mon 24 Apri 2017, 7pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW

Our money system is broken. Positive Money, a movement for a fair, democratic and sustainable money system, has detailed proposals to fix this.* What are these proposals? * What has been achieved already?* What does the London-based team do?* What leading figures/media/organisations has it already reached and impacted? * Where do we see things heading?Insider Graham Hodgson has carried out significant work as a volunteer with the Positive Money team, and is well placed to fill us in on the story of this movement's operation, ethos and mushrooming influence.Free event, but they ask for a voluntary contribution of up to £5, depending on ability to pay.Positive MoneyPositive Money Sheffield on Facebook

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