Rebuild Festival

Date, Time & Location Jul 2017, Catton Hall, Derbyshire CANCELLED
Details PLEASE NOTE Sadly Rebuild festival 2017 has been cancelled, due to unforeseeable issues at the site which greatly increased costs. All ticket holders and crowdfunding donators will be fully refunded. There are plans to be back, more details on the website. A festival with a difference. Crowdfunded, the theme is a world which has been destroyed, governments overthrown and cities fallen. What would people do? They would seek a place of sanctuary, life, music and community, like Rebuild. Interactive characters and games, theatre, discussions, skill-sharing for self-reliance, workshops on permaculture, tool making, foraging and live music. But far from just an interesting setting and d├ęcor theme, a festival to encourage people to think about their relationship with the environment and ways that we build and structure community, something positive to take back into the real world. Rebuild Festival