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"Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise" march and rally

Sat 17 Dec 2016, assemble 1pm, Devonshire Green S1 4HG

"Christmas is coming – the boss is getting fatWorkers need a pay rise – £10 flat!" Part of Sheffield Trade Union Council's new "Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise" Campaign. The first city centre demonstration and rally in support of Sheffield's low paid workers, with a focus on shop workers at Christmas.Speakers include:Ian Hodson, National President, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU)Louise Haigh MP, Sheffield HeeleyKaren Reay, UNITE Regional SecretaryJoanne Thomas, USDAW Regional SecretaryNatalie Bennett, Green PartyGMB speakerWorkers and union activists from ASOS, Sports Direct and other low paid workplaces

  • Not a single city centre store pays the Living Wage £8.25p per hour (set by the Living Wage Foundation).
  • The Tories' so-called National Living Wage (£7.20p per hour) is the new Minimum Wage – but only to those over 25 years old. Those aged 18 to 20 only get £5.55p per hour.
  • Bosses can afford it – they just don't want to pay it.
  • Bullying bosses make unreasonable demands – and threaten you with the sack if you don't comply.
  • Most workers have seen their pay packets fall in real terms since the Crash – and working families are worse off.
  • For many workers it's not just low pay: zero-hours contracts mean you never know how many hours work you'll get a week.
  • Bogus self-employment means you take on all the risks – and get no holiday pay or sick pay
Most workers have seen their pay packets fall in real terms since the Crash – and working families are worse off. Sheffield TUC is supporting workers forming a trade union and taking action to fight for a pay rise. Things can change if you join a trade union and join together to make demands. Sheffield Trades Union Council is the city's local TUC, bringing together trade union branches and members from all sectors. Established in 1858, it is the oldest TUC in the country, the progressive voice of Sheffield's Trade Union movement. March from Devonshire Green to a 2pm rally and speakers on City Hall steps. Estimated finishing time 3pm. Bring your banners. They welcome especially all underpaid workers who need this campaign to help them get a pay rise, it is aimed at all workers, not just those on the minimum wage. Sheffield Trades Council

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