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After Corbyn's re-election: How Can We Fight for Socialism?

Wed 30 Nov 2016, 7pm, Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk St. (opposite the Crucible)

The re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as labour Party leader is something to celebrate. He defied the plotting of right-wing MPs, and overcame the hostility of the media and slurs from top bosses such as Virgin's Richard Branson. His success is a clear sign of the feeling against austerity, racism, and war that exists in Britain. But as the Tories negotiate the reality of Brexit, Theresa May has increased her attacks on migrants. The West and Russia spend billions waging yet more wars in the Middle East while those who flee the devastation as refugees are left to drown, or are herded into refugee camps. Whether it is the refugee crisis or police brutality, Islamophobia or the increase in attacks, racism still blights lives. There is a clear need for an alternative to this rotten system. Corbyn speaks of building socialism in the 21st century. But what is socialism?Is it possible to have a society without exploitation or opression, a world where people's needs come before the profits of the super rich? Is a socialist alternative to capitalism possible? And if it is, how can socialism be achieved? Can change come through parliament, or does the potential to bring about a socialist society really lie in workplaces, colleges and working class communities?A public meeting hosted by Sheffield Socialist Workers Party. All welcomeFacebook event page

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