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Confronting the Rise in Racism

Wed 23 Nov 2016, 7pm Central United Reforned Church, Norfolk St. S1 2JB

Public rally hosted by Stand Up To Racism. All welcome.Speakers from MEND, Rotherham 12, local Labour party, local Green party, NUT.Tackling racism remains one of the key challenges of our society. Refugees are still being left to drown or face squalor in camps such as Calais, while there has been a rise in reported hate crimes in Britain since the referendum. Racism has come to the fore elsewhere - from police killings in the USA to burkini bans in France.But there has also been resistance. Refugees have refused to be locked out, while thousands have taken to the streets in the US and Britain to say "Black Lives Matter". Meanwhile, race hate crimes have been met by communities coming together to reject the scapegoating of migrants.Come to this public rally to discuss how we can build on all this, to confront the rise in racism.

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