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The Church of Jim by Forest Sounds Theatre

9 - 12 Nov 2016, 7.30pm, Theatre Delicatessen, 17 The Moor (old Woolworths shop) S1 3LR

You have many questions.Is the world going to end?What is Jim?Will there be cake?Venture into the recesses of Moor Theatre Delicatessen where we will meet in secret. Welcome to the Church of Jim. Here, we gather the lost, drawn like moths towards a flame. It is a place of salvation. It is not a place of conspiracy, parking fines, and undercover police. It is a place of celebration, exegesis and cake.We know you are scared.But do not be afraid. Jim welcomes you.Do not worry about the ticket price. Jim will provide*.Do not despair at the outside world. You are beautiful rainbow.Do not watch television. You are the movie star of your own life.Believe in Jim. Discard your GPS implant. Be lost no more. Be found, forever.NSA & Secret Police welcome.The Church of Jim is the story of a community formed to bring hope into a seemingly hopeless situation. This community must decide what to invest their hope in, and how.Forest Sounds Theatre make funny, surreal and raucous immersive theatre experiences. They claim to be in favour of humans surviving of the twenty first century and are based in Sheffield. Its members are award winning writers and performers and have made work for Theatre in the Mill, Bank Street Arts, Wordlife, Theatre Delicatessen, Wardrobe Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Nomadic Arts Festival, Right Up Your Street, Off the Shelf Literature Festival, Poetry in the City and Glasgow School of Art."Weird, wonderful and somewhat outrageous… with a genuine intention for positivity and community." – State of the Arts.*Tickets for the Church of Jim are not free (all money goes towards the artists' bellies)Listen to the Church of Jim audio dramaForest Sounds Theatre

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