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Renters Rising workshop

Sun 20 Nov 2016, 10am - 6pm, Union St. co-working space, 18-22 Union St, S1 2JP

Renters Rising is a national movement to build a #RentersUnion to reflect a simple reality: Rents and fees are rising. Evictions are rising. Complaints about unhealthy homes are rising. Homelessness is rising.

But so is Renters Rising.

Private renting used to be a short step before buying a house or securing a council home. But we're fast becoming a nation of long-term renters. There's over 11 million of us now, twice as many as a decade ago! We pay the most to live in the worst conditions with the least security. Thousands of us are forced to move each year. Many of us find it impossible to find a new home. But not for long; we're going to change all that.

We need a union to be able to defend tenants rights and make them stronger. To be able to win secure, decent, affordable homes for all. And we're the ones that will make it happen. Whoever you are, you're the right person. You're just who we need. Ordinary renters who care. People who want to see change. People that will help. 1000s of tenants in Bristol, Newcastle and elsewhere have already started organising and campaigning and tenants in Scotland have just launched their union "Living Rent". Now we need to build a renters union across the country.

Renters Rising is holding a national series of workshop events and community campaign actions working toward this end, with the intention of tackling rogue landlords, cowboy agents and a Government that encourages them. A Renters Rising workshop is a cross between a local meet-up, action planning and training in community organising! It brings local people together to get to know each other, discuss and choose campaign ideas, plan effective actions and learn the organising skills that can build the renters' union.

Sessions are broken into three sections:

  • Renters Rights - making sure we know our rights, and what rights we need to fight for
  • Campaigning - building a solid strategy, planning effective campaign activity and mobilising our communities
  • Renters Rising - building local leadership teams and organising the renters' union
These events aren't just about learning new skills - they're about making our plans to turn this housing crisis around. This is about more than one day. The hope is that at least some of these people will use their new skills and contacts, working with us to engage the total 1000 volunteers we need nationally to build the union.

Sheffield contact via email, call/text 07508 958011 or Facebook

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