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"The Tyranny of Intelligence"

Mon 26 Sep 2016, 7.30pm, Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Farm Rd. S2 2TP

A Skeptics in the Pub get-together. getting people together to have a relaxed and enjoyable evening while listening to talks on a wide range of topics, usually by a notable scientist or skeptic. This month, Dr Jon Scaife, who researches and teaches in the School of Education at Sheffield University, talks about how we weigh other people up. It's adaptively useful to assess how others might interact with us. Could they be threats? Allies? Very quickly and usually unconsciously we judge someone's age, gender, height, strength, social status, sexual potential, mood and wealth. Although it takes longer, we also make judgments about personality and about intellectual and other capabilities. Jon will argue that ability and intelligence are fictions that have spread beyond the thinking and the practices of psychologists and teachers to permeate global culture. At worst, this could be regarded as abusive and even violent. The session should be particularly helpful to those with children, and provocative to psychologists and teachers.These events are free though they ask for a £3 donation, and the meetings are open to all whatever your beliefs and views so please come along. (Press the buzzer to be let in. Meeting in the back room of the Club.)Skeptics in the Pub

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