ASSIST Volunteering "Drop in and check it out" session

Date, Time & Location Thu 15 Sep 2016, 12-2pm ASSIST office, Victoria Hall S1 2JB
Details Interested in volunteering? Refused asylum seekers are not allowed to work, to register themselves as homeless or to be placed in local authority night shelters. Many become destitute, struggling daily for food, accommodation and clothing. ASSIST works with asylum seekers in this situation. If you are interested in volunteering, come to one of their "Drop in and check it out" sessions. Meet current volunteers, find out more about the different volunteering opportunities, chat about what might suit you and apply to be a volunteer with ASSIST. The ASSIST office, Victoria Hall has its entrance on Chapel Walk, opposite the back of Superdrug. Visitors can arrive and leave at any time during each session, and there is a short presentation at 10 minutes past each hour. To find out more, contact Sheff 2754960 or email ASSIST Sheffield