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Speakezee Presents: Is there hope for the future?

Thu 21 Jul 2016, 7.30pm The Shakespeare pub, 146-8 Gibraltar St. S3 8UB

In the news we hear daily about new atrocities, corruption and injustice. We hear how mankind is having a devastating impact on global ecosystems. It is easy to feel dispondent, disempowered and hopeless. Therefore, Speakezee are bringing three diverse speakers together to tell you about what hope there is for the future and how human kindness and human innovations could be what saves us all…How do we build and support a creative, socially engaged, generous response to a future that promises great challenges?River Wolton presents "Girl Rising: Derbyshire" a film made by 14-year-old school students speaking out about inequality.Nasrin Nasr describes her research exploring the challenges of living with a health condition on patients and their families. How do researchers work with them to understand their experiences and help adapt the care they receive?Since industrialisation and mass urbanisation our relationship with nature has been stretched to breaking point. However, we are dependant on it as everything we consume is ultimately taken from nature. Ian Rotherham explains the values of nature and how we can protect and respect it.So come along to drink some of the finest ale whilst listening to the fascinating River, Nasrin and Ian! Bring your views and questions!Tickets £3/£5 plus booking fee here: Ticketsource

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