The way forward after the Brexit referendum

Date, Time & Location Tue 19 Jul 2016, 7pm Victoria Hall Methodist Church, 60 Norfolk St. S1 2JB
Details A talk by the Socialist Equality Party, which advocated an active boycott of the EU referendum, explaining that neither the Leave nor Remain camps spoke for the working class. The progressive and democratic unification of Europe can be achieved only from below, through a revolutionary struggle for socialism across the continent led by the working class. In doing so, it laid down a marker for the future and helped open a new political road for the working class. The urgent task is the unification of the European working class in the struggle for the United Socialist States of Europe. The outcome of the referendum on UK membership of the EU is a cataclysmic event in British, European and world politics that heralds a period of immense instability and political turmoil. The only certainty in this situation is that the assault on the working class will be intensified, as the ruling elite demand greater sacrifices in the “national interest.” The Leave vote was a cry of social distress, particularly from the poorest layers of workers, who know that the EU has been no less ruthless in its attacks on the working class than the Tories in Britain, above all in its destruction of Greece. More info: Socialist Equality Party Facebook event page