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Can Education Change the World?

Sat 7 May 2016, 1pm-3pm, Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk St. S1 2JB

Education reforms in the UK are making learning more bland, exam-focussed and career-orientated. Teachers and support staff are overworked, stressed and quitting the profession in their thousands. Students are anxious and over-tested or bored and disengaged. Can schools ever be more than just exam factories?Erdelan Baran, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Foreign Affairs Committee, will present on ongoing efforts to build feminist and libertarian schools in the self-governing cantons of Northern Syria. Education in Rojava is not about getting a career or getting rich, instead students are challenged to ask themselves "How can I better society?". Lessons encourage independence, critical thinking and active participation in the democratic organisation of communities. What can we learn from these bold experiments?The meeting is hosted by Sheffield Educators Underground, a project initiated by teachers and support staff who are members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union. Educators Undergound aims to create spaces for co-operation, solidarity and positivity in education and to support teachers and support staff across the city to take action for social change.Free entry, food and refreshments will be provided.IWW Sheffield

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