Sheffield Palestine Solidarity: Islamaphobia boycott action

Date, Time & Location Sat 20 Feb 2016, 12pm-1pm, Co-op Bank, 78/82 Pinstone St. S1 2HP
Details Join a demonstration outside the Co-operative Bank, protesting about their bias and blindness to the sufferings of Palestine. The bank has closed Palestine Solidarity accounts in an uncritical and one-sided assessment of risk because, they say, groups like Palestine Solidarity (and Cuba Solidarity) might divert funds to conflict zones. Vice News has now revealed that this is probably the result of an indiscriminate secret US-funded blacklist. It is underpinned by prejudice against Palestine and a narrative that Muslim means terrorist. They refuse to consider the inequity of allowing transfer of funds to Israel in spite of long recognised continued illegal behaviour to a whole population in things like building the dividing wall, and UN Security Council resolution 446. Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign