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Drone Network Campaign campaign

Tue 5 Jan 2016, 1pm-3pm, RAF Waddington, near Lincoln

Quarterly demonstrations at RAF Waddington throughout 2016 are being planned starting on Tuesday 5th January, a year after four people trespassed onto the base and caused it to shut down for an hour. The Reaper drone, controlled from RAF Waddington, was sending missions into Syria long before the vote to bomb. Between January and September 2015 there were 193 such missions and although they did not deploy their own Hellfire Missiles they sent information to the US so it could bomb and were thus fully complicit. The British Reapers also supported the French onslaught on Raqqa following the Paris bombings. The armed fleet went from 5 Reapers to 10 and now Cameron is calling for another 10, naming them not Reapers but "Protectors". Drones are enabling British and US involvement in wars it would not otherwise have, as the public do not want "boots on the ground". David Cameron has also boasted of Reaper drones being used in targeted killing (assassination), something which the UK military had always denied they would do. The myth of precision bombing is also condoning their use in civilian areas. They are causing horrendous casualties and making the world far less safe. It is important to keep up the pressure to stop drone warfare. The demo will be held near the RAF Waddington gate on the A607, just before the village of Waddington (coming from Lincoln via Bracebridge Heath). Lincoln is about 40 miles/60 km from Sheffield; there are regular trains from Sheffield to Lincoln. The number 1 bus from Lincoln to Grantham runs half hourly and stops near the base. For more information please contact Penny on 01163 199487 or 07414 465695.

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