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Diversity Fest fundraiser: Sushi + Treebeard + Silver Darlings + Madge Woollard + Globologist

Sat 23 Jan 2016, 7.30pm, Royal Standard, St Marys Rd S2 4AX

Following the success of the first Diversity Fest in September 2015, this is the first fundraiser for next year.The Silver Darlings Singer-guitarist and Big Boulder festival organiser Andy Whitehouse leads his folky quartet as seen at Sharrow Festival 2015. Treebeard Brilliant, indestructable folk-rock quintet fresh from their storming, rain-drenched Community Stage headline slot at Sharrow Festival 2015.Madge Woollard Celebrated singer-pianist. Sushi Dynamic funky Drum & Bass quintet featuring theramin and vocoder with slashes of rock guitar as seen at Sharrow Festival and Diversity Fest 2015. The Globologist Get yer dancing pants on for irresistable globally groovy vinyl treats. DJ Globologist (aka David Allison, aka Venja) mixes all things global, from Balkan Beats and Cuban Hip-Hop, to Afro-breakbeat and Indian Drum & Bass. Music from 7.45pm till midnight. £3 entry, proceeds to Sheffield Diversity Fest 2016, a free celebration for people of every gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age and ability. A statement of unity and mutual respect between the many communities of Sheffield.Diversity Fest

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