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COP 21 Paris climate mobilisation

Sat 12 Dec 2015, Paris - transport from UK

The UN climate negotiations are in Paris in November and early December, and show no sign of being less dominated by corporate interests than the last ones. However, a big coalition of French organisations is mobilising to challenge the corporate agenda and use the moment to build a stronger climate justice movement. They have called for a mass protest in Paris at the end of the talks, on 12 December, and there will be lots of other things going on in the two weeks prior to this.It is a priority to get as many people as possible to go to Paris. Come along. Global Justice Sheffield and Friends of the Earth and other allies are organising a train to Paris from London on 11 December, and coming back on 13 December, plus accommodation organised through the French coalition. Please email if you are interested in this option. By block booking they hope to make this a relatively cheap journey, but need an idea of numbers interested. You're not committing to anything by expressing interest.Some Global Justice Now staff will be present in Paris throughout the talks, especially from the middle weekend (5 and 6 December) which will see a festival of alternatives and other events. There will be daily assemblies throughout the second week and protests to get involved in. If you want to really get stuck in, contact them help you find accommodation. There may also be a collective transport organised. Again, email for details.Global Justice Sheffield

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