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Play: "Sacked!"

Fri 9 Oct 2015, 7.30pm, Eten Bistro, East Parade, Sheffield, next to the Cathedral

Hit and Run theatre presents "Sacked!" an original comedy about surviving the economic crisis. A tale of worker-employer relationships pushed to the limit in the age of zero-hour contracts, holiday workloads, entrenched privilege and little access to good jobs. Writer and director Mick Parkin says "They even admit the system isn't working, you can hear it on the news. But nothing's changing.""If you sack me, I will kill you." If that sounds extreme, it's deliberate. Parkin wants to put the emotion back into the tragedy of the 2008 crash. "People's lives are being ruined on a massive scale. But the news takes all the emotion out of it. They should start each bulletin with the words 'sit down, this is really bad.'" (Words taken from an interview by Laurence Peacock.)There are other showings in Sheffield, see below. Tickets on the door, £6/£3 - you decide. Facebook event page Enquiries email:

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