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"Vintage by the Kilo" pop-up clothes sale

Thu 1 Oct 2015, 11am-6pm, The Studio, University of Sheffield S10 2TD

Yorkshire legends "Vintage by the Kilo" are changing the face of fashion, one kilogramme at a time. Their 'weigh-and-pay' mega-collection outsizes any charity shop, and all carefully chosen stuff, not just 'jumble'. No disrespect to charity or jumble sales, but this is mainly quality 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s clothing which would have been pricy first time round. The openings have been popping up since 1997, and this year they're at Theatre Delicatessen and other venues about twice a month. It's surely only a matter of time before they get a thrift shop of their own. Get down for a look before they're famous. Every second-hand purchase you make is a nail in the coffin for the fashion industry which makes corporate shareholders obscenely rich by paying exploitation wages, highly polluting from manufacture to transportation, and leading vulnerable people into expensive, illusory lives as fashion-victims. Don't believe the hype; get yer grunge gear here.Vintage by the KiloFacebook page

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