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Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference

Sun 4 Oct 2015 (transport from Sheffield)

The Conservative Party Conference 2015 is in Manchester, and there will be a "Festival of Resistance" alongside it.Transport on Sunday 4th picks up from The Hubs, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2QQ at 9am. Coach tickets are £5/£10 concessions. The People's Assembly's aim is to increase in numbers and descend on the Tory Party Conference. It is time to take the Movement to the next stage. This means reaching out to a lot more people. 250,000 people took to the streets for the 20th June demonstration, this was just the beginning. This is the perfect opportunity to show unity of strength against the forces that seek to punish the most vulnerable for a crisis they did not create, while rewarding those that did. The TUC have called a National Demonstration on Sunday 4th October. In the face of new anti-union legislation that will attack the rights of working people, it is vital we come together to support our unions and what they stand for.The demo will oppose the Tories on every day of their conference in Manchester, stealing the headlines and disrupting the narrative, joined by voices from every section of our society to cover the debate and counter the Tory Party Agenda. The People's Assembly and friends from supporting organisations and institutions will host a series of events throughout the week. Topics will include: Trade Unions, Welfare, Housing, Islamophobia, War, Education, Climate, Media, TTIP, Transport, NHS, Economy, Scotland and Europe. These meetings will run alongside a series of direct actions and protests all over Manchester and around the conference. Evenings will see the full spectrum of entertainment including huge gigs featuring international artists, "Laugh them out of town" comedy nights, spoken word and performances from a wide range of talented supporters. Help spread the word about the anti-austerity movement.Tickets for transport from Sheffield: Eventbrite

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