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Activist Stories - Soup Seminar

Thu 9 Jul 2015, 6.30pm Union Street co-working space

The Free University of Sheffield is a a group of students/learners both in and out of formal education who are committed to the ideals of a free university. A broad association of those concerned by the state of higher education, organising for egalitarian, decentralised, and collectively run learning spaces. The second "soup seminar", open to all who are interested in discussing Free University ideals and actions. This time there is a theme of "activist stories - positive and negative - and what can we learn from them?" This is just a jumping off point for interesting discussions and skills and information sharing. As a collectively-run organisation they welcome all members, new and old, to bring their ideas, skills, passion and energy to contribute. And delicious vegan soup will fuel the discussions! For a more in-depth explanation of the soup seminars, see the Facebook event. See for details of the venue. Twitter: Free University of Sheffield

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