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"Debt in Africa: the good, the bad and the ugly"

Wed 24 June, 7.15pm, Central United Reformed Church, 60 Norfolk St. S1 2JB

Since the financial crisis in 2008, loans to low-income countries have tripled, and now several African countries are heading for dangerous levels of debt once again. Jonathan Stevenson, Campaigns and Communications Officer, Jubilee Debt Campaign, asks why countries across Africa keep on borrowing from foreign lenders. Why do lenders keep on lending? Should debt be avoided altogether? Or is there a 'good' level of debt? Find out how debt and the financial system are shaping the lives of people in Africa, and what they mean for essentials like food, water, schools and medicines – and discuss what campaigners can do to tackle one of the key root causes of global poverty. Refreshments provided. All welcome. Organised by Global Justice Sheffield (formerly WDM).Global Justice Sheffield

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