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Rhythm is Rhythm

Fri 12 Jun 2015, 8pm Theatre Delicatessen, The Moor, S1 4PF

For one night only, Theatre Delicatessen will become a temporary autonomous zone as an exercise in dance music, rhythm, research and immersive art. A heady mix of footwork, ghetto house, left leaning techno, and immersive installations and experiences based on research from The University of Sheffield and elsewhere. In a groundbreaking collaboration between Do it Thissen, Refract and Bat Makumba, the night will lay bare research on dance music and club culture in interactive, immersive formats. Throughout the night, rooms around the complex will open up to reveal installations, freak happenings and research engagements covering a broad spectrum of contemporary research into dance music, music perception and live-coding. Interactive installation on rhythm anticipation from Alex Keegan, who curated the dancefloor-deconstruction festival Refract, working with Alex McLean/Yaxu of Algorave, a master of live-coded techno schisms and research. The main room will hold host to a full club night, drawing on the legacy of alternative DIY party night Bat Makumba. ROOM 1: Rushmore (Ball culture developed from the Harlem ballroom community of the '70s and '80s, where the marginalised gay black and latino community could freely express their sexualities and gender identities, through vogueing dance-offs.)DJ Taye Braxton Hicks (The Bat Makumba parties at The Audacious Art Experiment were legendary. Expect wild, experimental dance music from across all dimensions.)ROOM 2: AV exploration into the nightclub in film narratives, synced to Room 1 bass throbs. Narrations of clubs in films will be presented with the most basic rhythmic, beat-matched narrative code, alongside the films themselves to reveal how film-makers have presented and exploited the club-space.ROOM 3: Cellar Dweller (Sheffield Techno Institute) & Body Antoinette (TAAE) in a special dual performance, each exploring one side of our perception of music - the mind and the body. Drawing on the history of chill-out rooms and body jackin', alongside recent research into music psychology. DJs from 8pm to 1am. Afterparty to be confirmed. Full details and advance tickets at Facebook event page

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