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Talk: "Positive Money"

Wed 29 Apr 2015, 7.30pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW

An illustrated talk by Peter Verity. (This is a repeat of a talk given as part of the Festival of Debate on 22nd April, which was sold out).Few people ask the question "Where does money come from?". The surprising answer is that 97% of money under our current capitalist system is just created by banks when they make loans. This talk will illustrate how the nation has surrendered its sovereign right to create money to private banks, and how this leads to high levels of private debt, and a transfer of money from the poor to the rich.Positive Money is a campaign to create a money and banking system that works for society and not against it. Peter Verity is the coordinator of the Sheffield group of Positive Money supporters.Positive Money Sheffield on Facebook

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