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Queer Presence: Film Festival and Divine Disco

Sat 18 Apr 2015, 12.30pm-late, Theatre Delicatessen, The Moor, city centre.

An afternoon of free queer documentaries, followed by a Divine disco in the evening. LGBT Sheffield and Interplanetary Division are proud to present the first in a new programme of events titled Queer Presence. This launch event is South Yorkshire's first ever Queer Film Festival, free to attend and run on zero budget. Talks, documentaries, performance and discussion all afternoon, then at 8pm screening of I am Divine. The Divine Parade starts at 11pm. This event is brought to you by ethically minded volunteers who believe queer is not just about sexuality or gender. It is a mind set. Divine represented outsiders, and with the rise in UKIP and austerity there are more outsiders than ever. Gay, lesbian, transgender, gender neutral, victims of the bedroom tax, people with mental health problems not helped by the welfare state, immigrants, strong women who don't do what they are supposed to do, the partners of strong women who don't do what they are supposed to do, those on low incomes working hard, allies who fight every day against discrimination on our behalf, anyone shouted at in the street for being themselves, this is for you. Come and dance and revel with your people. Party and make a political statement.Full programme

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