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BitFixIT Cafe

Sat 2 May 2015, 12-3pm, 268 Verdon St. Burngreave S3 9QS

Got a computer problem? BitFixIT Café is a free computer-fixing workshop. Simply come along and get your computer problems sorted out then and there, or as soon as they can. If they can they will tell you exactly what to get and then fit it for you. If you need software, they will find you genuinely free, legal programs and help you install and configure them. And if you have a bad case of virus attack, they will nurse your computer back to health - and give you the tools and training you need to keep it virus-free in future.Sounds too good to be true? BitFixIT are a group of volunteers who enjoy mending computers and think it good for the community too. A working PC and internet connection - and a bit of good advice - can help people to stay in touch, know their rights, learn, work, create and be entertained. Computers are important! People need

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