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Festival of Debate: "Common people: public services, spaces and progress"

Wed 15 April 2015, 6pm, 18-22 Union Street S1 2JP

In a country with one of the largest populations of billionaires alongside the growing need for food banks, the question of how we reclaim public spaces and services remains open. In this panel session the speakers reflect on this context and offer ideas for ways forward to promote greater equality and social inclusion.The Festival of Debate is taking place in Sheffield in the run-up to the General election, during March and April. It provides opportunities to get together and discuss a range of issues which affect everyone. Informed decision making and strategic planning are essential for democracy, so come and get involved. They also welcome volunteers, from attending events and taking part in discussions to volunteering time to help run an event, promote the festival and much more. Unless otherwise stated events are free to attend, but if possible please register via the appropriate Eventbrite link on the Festival of Debate website below to give organsisers an idea of numbers.Festival of Debate

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