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Mon 1 Dec 2014, 7.30pm Bridge Inn, Greasbrough Rd, Rotherham town centre S60 1RB

After being deluged by news that the British economy has turned the corner and is looking up, recent warnings by Cameron and the serious commentators of capitalism have blown that bit of propaganda out of the window completely. Why is it that despite all the attempts by the ruling class to promote stimulus into the economy and make favourable conditions for big business to start investing, and subsequently priming the pump for the economy to grow - the opposite has been the case? Quantitative easing (printing billions of pounds and trillions dollars), the lowest interest rates ever, free trade with Europe, anti -trade union legislation, cheap labour available on an unprecedented scale, no opposition from (Blairite) New Labour, unions full of cowards - their barons drawing big bucks and sucked into the establishment, and with everything being thrown in to create favourable trade; why are we caught up in an inexorable decline in our living standards and a global economic crisis that is worse than the 1920s?Come and hear an introduction to basic Marxist economics: the theory of surplus value, profit, and the tendency for it to decline, prices, deficit finance, and the difference between past slumps and this current global crisis of capitalism.Sounds complicated? Come along to unlock the mystery together. All welcome to this friendly open debate.

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