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Stop the War national demonstration, London (tramsport from Sheffield)

Sat 4 Oct 2014 coach from Paternoster Row 7.15am

Join the Sheffield Stop the War Coalition going down to the national demonstration in London this Saturday. It is calling for stopping both the bombing of Iraq and attacking Syria.Parliament has voted for the third Iraq War. The last two have brought almost unimaginable suffering to the people of Iraq and have helped to create the current chaos, driving the country to the brink of break up. They claim this is a humanitarian operation to defeat ISIS. In fact ISIS is backed by various middle east powers and a new aerial bombardment will not defeat it but will kill innocents, further fragment the country and inflame violence.The record of the West's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya show that as well as creating misery and mayhem, western military interventions make the world a more volatile, dangerous place. Cameron's new war has built-in mission creep. Discussions are already underway for Britain to join the bombing of Syria, and there are growing calls for boots on the ground.The Stop the War Coalition is asking every one of its supporters to throw themselves in to the campaign against the insanity of another war on Iraq.The coach will be leaving from Paternoster Row at 7.30pm (please arrive by 7.15am at the latest so that the coach can leave on time). Tickets £20 waged, £10 unwaged. To book a place call 07522 706236.Spread the word everywhere about next Saturday's demonstration:Facebook event

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