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"Denying the Evidence Why People Reject Science and What We Can Do About It"

Mon 25 Aug 2014, 7.30pm, Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Farm Rd. S2 2TP

Climate change has been described as one of the biggest threats facing the world, but international action to mitigate the impacts of human activities on the climate is moving slowly (if at all). Why is there continued reluctance to act, and why do some people refuse to believe that climate change is even happening despite the high degree of confidence expressed by scientists?Chris Hassall will outline briefly the science behind climate change and the tangled web of special interests that have sought to muddy the waters over a range of important scientific topics from tobacco smoke to the ozone layer. He will also discuss his role as a skeptical activist in investigating the extent of climate change denial at a Canadian University, and discuss the importance of skeptical involvement in education.The talk will conclude with a discussion of the similarities across various different types of science denial, and some recent research that skeptics can use to guide their efforts to promote science in hostile communities.Chris is a lecturer in Animal Biology at the University of Leeds, with particular expertise in the biological impacts of environmental change and large-scale patterns in ecology and evolution, predator-prey interactions, and freshwater science. A Skeptics in the Pub get-together. The events are free though they ask for a £3 donation, and the meetings are open to all whatever your beliefs and views so please come along. At Farm Road Sports and Social Club press the buzzer to be let in, meeting in the back room of the Club.

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