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Sky Ride - Space for Cycling

Sun 10 Aug 2014, 11-3pm

The Sky Ride is a fantastic traffic-free bike ride through Sheffield in a festival atmosphere, starting from Devonshire Green with loads of free things to do and try out plus the friendly Bike Cafe. See the route map on the website below. Register your free place now – the first thousand to sign up will also receive a limited edition gift on the day. Everyone who signs up is also entitled to a free expert bike check worth £14.99 at Halfords.Be a Cycle Cash Bomb!A cycle cash bomb is a social device that destroys the myths that retailers tell themselves about how important it is that car-driving customers can park outside their store. To make a cycle cash bomb you need a critical mass of willing people on bicycles, armed with sufficient cash, and some targets known as shops that are open, preferably near each other. Detonating a cycle cash bomb is thrilling and causes no danger to the cyclists.Each cyclist carries slips of paper that state "I did my shopping by bike" (these may be decorated with slogans and may or may not have names). Assembling together carefully to ensure they get to a critical mass, the cyclists go and shop, pay in cash, tell the shop staff they are a "cycle cash bomb" and leave a slip with the retailer. Cyclists may all start in one go, or set off in clusters or individually on a cycling circuit. Some time later, they visit the targets and survey the effect on their business. A Sky Ride is ideal, so the first ever Sheffield cycle cash bomb will be at the Sky Ride on 10th August. For full details see the links below.Sheffield Sky RideFacebook event page

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