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Sat 26 Jul 2014, 12 noon outside the Town Hall

The ongoing slaughter of hundreds of innocent people in the Gaza strip is a collective punishment in retribution for rockets fired which, while no more justified than the attacks from the Israeli side, are small, causing very few injuries, more intended as a symbolic protest. The latest onslaught by the Israeli forces follows the murder of three Israeli young men, for which no suspect has been found. The huge forced expansion of the territory of Israel since 1967 has been an incredible act, illegally occupying land in contravention of UN conventions, and the behaviour of Israeli forces is the equivalent of the apartheid era in South Africa.The statements above are a version of events which you will hardly hear on the BBC news coverage. Listening to the BBC you would not know that there was a Palestinian perspective. The Israeli "right" to defend itself is offered to us without question. The struggle of the Palestinian people is encompassed in a picture of global equals, whereas the Israelis, a nuclear power, are fourth in the world with respect to the firepower of their armed forces. For this reason, Sheffield Anti-War Coalition handed a symbolic coffin to the BBC offices on Shoreham Street on Wednesday and they will be will be repeating this protest outside Sheffield Town Hall. This is part of the protest in many cities around the world. Please come and raise your voices against this invasion. The Palestinian people will not be broken, but they are suffering a terrible injustice.

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