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Accident Tales - The 7 Universal Stories of Disasters

Mon 28 Jul 2014, 7.30pm Farm Road Sports Social Club, Farm Road S2 2TP

What do the Apollo 13, Challenger and Columbia accidents have in common? When you strip away the technical details, nearly everything. Why did McDonnell Douglas stage two dress rehearsals before crashing a DC-10 into a forest? How did the French intercity railway manage to stage a near-perfect re-enactment of Potters Bar? It seems almost as if the same accidents are happening again and again.In literature there is an idea (mostly discredited) that there are only seven basic plots. What if there are really only seven basic accidents, replayed in different times, places and industries? This is a talk about the power and danger of stories to explain the past and shape the future, focussing on stories of disasters. Drew Rae, system safety lecturer, presents this talk for Skeptics in the Pub. Skeptics in the Pub

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