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Food Culture Course

Mon 23 Sep 2013, 7-9pm at Regather, 57-59 Club Garden Rd. S11 8BU

An introductory course on growing food, also covering foraging for food, local food-growing projects, and skills to collaborate between other growers and work as a collective.We live in an age where time is precious to most of us. Growing food is one of the few activities where we attune our physical rhythms to the rhythm of the seasons. Foraging and local organic food growing is a remedial activity, with the capacity to help heal and prevent many of today's health problems, and one key solution to the global energy crisis. The push to produce more local and sustainable food will likely become a primary concern for all human communities across the planet. Now is a time when growing local organic food is primarily a push for reuniting and connecting with the local community, and healing the social wounds that divide us from one another.Students will receive a copy of the course book, and access to an extensive seed bank of local heritage varieties and a large library of relevant books and archive material. Each week there will be a chance to taste samples of fresh produce, including dozens of types of apples and pears. The course also provides a social opportunity to meet and get to know other people with an interest in local growing and eating.The course started 16th September, this is session 2, on wild food. The focus is on the cycle of perennial plants, plant identification, harvesting, preservation (drying, pickling, fermenting and storage), plant toxicity, and understanding plants as foods, medicines and poisons.For more details contact Stephen Watts on email

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