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Sheffield Unite Against Fascism public meeting: Reflecting on the rise and fall of British fascism - No room for complacency

Wed 20 Feb 2013, 7pm Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row S1 2BX

A public meeting organised by Sheffield Unite Against Fascism (UAF) with speaker Daniel Trilling, author of "Bloody Nasty People", a study of the rise of the British far right, and also an assistant editor of the New Statesman. Chaired by John Campbell, chair of Sheffield UAF.Although the latest wave of British fascism is on the back foot, anti-fascists cannot be complacent. Racism and the deepening economic crisis continue to provide fertile soil for the far right. The run-up to the 2014 Euro elections and the 2015 General election will also see a dangerous escalation in the use of the race card. Between now and the 2014 European elections the UAF campaign will have two priorities: to celebrate and defend our multicultural society, and to urge people to use their vote to stop a fascist MEP being elected again. To achieve these goals we need the widest possible discussion about the best way forward. This meeting is an important part of that processSheffield Unite Against Fascism - Facebook page

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