The Case for Secularism

Date, Time & Location Fri 8 Apr 2011, 7:30pm, Lecture Theatre 6, The Arts Tower, The University of Sheffield
Details Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society, makes the case for the tradition of secularism as the foundation of a good society. Human rights, equality under the law, freedom of religion and of expression all need a firm secular base and not domination by or conflicts between religions and sects. Across the Middle East brave people are challenging and overthrowing the old dictators. The hope is that these will be replaced not by narrow minded theocracies and Talibans, as in Iran or Afghanistan, but that the new states will be tolerant and secular. Meanwhile in the UK religious groups still try to hang on to their privileges and intolerances then cry out that they are being discriminated against if anyone tries to challenge them. To these religious leaders 'secularism' is a dirty word, only fit to be applied in foreign lands. A talk open to the public, organised by the Sheffield Humanist Society, all welcome. Please note the change from usual meetings of the day, time and venue for this meeting