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May 2019

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Global Justice Sheffield announcement

For June 2019

Global Justice Sheffield global are looking for willing volunteers for Peace in the Park, Sat 8th June, and the Sharrow Festival, Sat 6th July. Newcomers especially welcome, and you will be placed with at least one "old hand" there at all times, who can h...

Extinction Rebellion success in Sheffield?

14th May 2019

Activists from Extinction Rebellion Sheffield have engaged in protests that saw more arrests than the poll tax riots but were entirely peaceful. The movement is favour of a sustainable world free from the impending threat of climate breakdown and full of n...

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25th October 2019

What is life like for victims of modern slavery now?

Thu 25 Oct 2018, 5-7pm, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Riverside East House, 2 Millsands S3 8DT.

The Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU) is a small charity that specialises in legal advice to victims of modern slavery. They are opening an office here, and marking the launch by bringing people together who work in this area.

The event will be almost three years after the Modern Slavery Act came into force and will look at what life is like for survivors now. Paul Blomfield MP will be speaking, as MP of Sheffield Central and someone who has a strong interest in the rights of survivors of modern slavery. He helped establish the charity Focus on Labour Exploitation and is now their trustee. He is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration.

Also a panel of speakers including Detective Sergeant Nikki Leach from South Yorkshire Police Anti-Slavery Unit, Phillipa Roberts, Director of Legal Policy at Hope for Justice, barrister Lucy Mair of Garden Court North and Robin Brierley, Chair of the West Midlands, Cleveland and Cheshire Anti-Slavery Networks.

There will be several members of the ATLEU team present to speak to after the event. Hosted by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who are also providing refreshments (drinks from 6.30pm). There is disabled access. Free to attend but it would be very helpful if you email to give them an idea of numbers and if you have any dietary requirements.

Detroit to Derry - The fight for civil rights

Thu 25 Oct 2018, 7pm, Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk St. S1 2JB

Sheffield Socialist Workers Party meeting with discussion on the rise of the civil rights movement across the World. What lessons can be learnt from the events of the 60s and how can they shape resistance today?

The background to the discussion includes 1967 Detroit (the “Motorcity”) which was doing well on the surface. Tens of thousands had jobs in dirt and danger of the sweltering car factories, foundries and pressing plants. But hatred of the police was widespread, especially among the black poor. The vast majority of cops were white and racist, and the force recruited and promoting the most bigoted. Violent officers routinely stopped and searched young men and women. Even old black men were routinely addressed by police as “Boy”. On Sunday 23 July, soul superstar Martha Reeves was on stage in her hometown, with thousands of mostly black teenagers dancing in the summer heat. Police had raided The Blind Pig, a black, unlicensed, late-night drinking club where locals were celebrating the return of 2 soldiers from Vietnam. Fights followed cops’ attempts to make arrests, shop windows were smashed and soon looting began. By afternoon buildings were ablaze and smoke billowed across the city. Evening saw rioting spread and the overwhelmed Detroit police called in reinforcements. Hundreds of white officers carrying shotguns rounded up people who defied instructions to stay indoors. Arrestees were battered and bruised, and gave false names and addresses, creating chaos in the courtrooms the next morning. Unrest spread to many of the poorest black neighbourhoods.

Likewise on 5 October 1968 in Derry, Ireland, a few hundred people assembled in the mainly Protestant area of the Waterside. A protest occurred which sparked one of the biggest revolts against the British state. Civil rights protesters carried placards with messages such as, “class not creed” in a demonstration had been banned by the Unionist government. Marching into the walled city of Derry was a privilege only available to the sectarian bigots of the Orange Order. Police drew their batons and attacked, walking slowly through the crowded hitting people hard over the head. Police in armoured cars fought to drive the people back into the Catholic ghettoes. Soon it wasn’t a riot but an uprising. For the next few nights barricades were erected against the police. Petrol bombs made their appearance. Key activist and one of the march organisers, Eamonn McCann wrote, “The day after there was a palpable sense of excitement around the Bogside. There were crowds of people everywhere debating what to do next. Politics buzzed. And coming clear was a conviction, a certainty, that nothing was ever going to be the same again. No one knew exactly what was possible, so everything was.”

Refreshments available. Socialist book stall. All welcome.

"Close Quarters"

Wed 24 Oct-Sat 10 Nov 2018, various performances, Studio, Sheffield Theatres, Norfolk St, Sheffield S1 1DA

The world première of a play by Kate Bowen. Cormack, Findlay and Davies are the elite. They are the first generation of female soldiers to serve in the British infantry in close combat roles, ever. They’ve aced physical tests only 5% of female soldiers can pass; they’ve been trained to shoot, fight and kill. They’ve proven their exceptional skill and discipline – while everyone around them questions whether they should even be allowed to serve. And now they’re about to join the action.

A co-production between Sheffield Theatres and Out of Joint. Suitable for ages 14+. Contains strong language and sexual references. Box Office Sheff 2496000.

Sheffield Theatres

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